Great medicine of the 21 st century. Very helpful. – Paul Winternitz
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Dr. Gabrielle singlehandedly brought me back to life with a combination of different methods. I initially came to her with a mysterious illness that took me through 5 emergency room visits and 8 different doctors. No one could figure out what was wrong with me, and I was on multiple medications that made it worse. It got to a point where I completely collapsed. I’ve been on a slow path to healing, but where conventional medicine failed me, Dr. Gabrielle took a lot of time to assess what was going on in my body, explained her treatments thoroughly, and even gave me pretty good cooking advice. Read Jen Y.‘s review of Integrated Healing Medicine & Wellness Center on Yelp

Dr Gabrielle is an exceptional healer. Back in 2007 my husband started exhibiting symptoms like extreme fatigue, migraines, depression & traveling nerve pain. He was extremely healthy & fit before this. Kaiser couldn’t figure out what was wrong so we paid out of pocket to see a holistic MD who finally diagnosed him with Hashimotos and Lyme disease using the Western blot test. Other tests showed he also had Bartonella & Babesia. Over the past 10 years he has seen 3 different doctors who have prescribed long term antibiotics, herbal tinctures & remedies like the Cowden protocol and intravenous ozone therapy. Any improvements were short lived. Then we found Dr. Gabrielle. Using Bioresonance she was able to detect high antimony levels (previously detected with a blood test). She recommended weekly treatments, supplements and dietary changes. (Since eliminating grains from his diet his thyroid levels have normalized).  The first improvement was the absence of migraines. His head started to feel clear, like the brain fog lifting. This was huge as none of the previous doctors/treatments were able to accomplish this. 

After 3-4 months he started to see marked improvements. He began lifting weights and hiking-things he hadn’t been able to do for years. It was like I had my old husband back! 

He still gets his weekly treatment but actually likes them. He gets to recline for 40 mins listening to calm music. It’s like a spa treatment! And Dr Gabrielle is always available to discuss any issues or concerns. She takes the time to explain things in such a way that it’s easily understood. We highly recommend her. Read Amelia H.‘s review of Integrated Healing Medicine & Wellness Center on Yelp

Well, I will start by saying “run, don’t walk” to Dr Gabrielle LeCompte! Unless of course you are in too much pain, and in that case I would then say “hurry, as fast as you can to her”.

She’s truly an integrated healer with great medical knowledge, great holistic (nutritional, herbal and Oriental Medicine) knowledge.  She’s also a great listener, very patient and kind.

I was having some sleep problems, and after 3 appointments noticed a significant improvement. She was also able to help fine tune my natural supplement program.

I think she’s great, and I highly recommend her! Read Gregg A. J.‘s review of Integrated Healing Medicine & Wellness Center on Yelp

Dr. LeCompte was a god send to my family. My son and I had several allergies and many chronic issues. My son had severe eczema. She was the first doctor who educated us on how long term topical steroid usage itself can cause allergies. She was the first doctor who was even aware of the process of steroid withdrawal process. We had been to so many alternate treatment doctors in different modalities. But we started turning around with our treatments with Dr. Gabrielle. She is very knowledgeable, and was the first doctor who explained to us, why detoxing too soon can be an issue by itself. She had a process and the order in which she addressed our issues was commendable. Unlike the allergy specialists, she was the one who pointed to us, eliminating many foods due to allergies and consuming a limited variety, can render the body reacting to those foods as well. She was always prompt in replying to my emails and in sending us the necessary supplements. The bio-resonance tools she had employed in our healing, treated our allergies and we are in a much better state of health mainly because of her treatments. Our quality of lives improved with her treatments. Read Usha K.‘s review of Integrated Healing Medicine & Wellness Center on Yelp

Dr Gabrielle is amazing and magical!  Out of all the doctors I’ve seen, she has helped me the most. She’s a true healer, very knowledgeable, and takes her time to get to the root of the problem.  She cured my chronic ulcer in a matter of a few days! In fact, the technology she uses is quite advanced, effective, gentle and with no side-effects ~ unlike pharmaceuticals.  I was also suffering from food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, and fatigue.   Her treatment was eye opening and helped me get my life back! I highly recommend Dr Gabrielle. Read Marisol K.‘s review of Integrated Healing Medicine & Wellness Center on Yelp

I have been seeing Dr. Gabrielle for over 10 years now for a number of issues. She is awesome and I have nothing but high remarks to say about her. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, heavy metals, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue along with severe allergies to everything under the sun!  She has successfully treated me for food, environmental, and chemical allergies.  She has always had a compassionate heart with a very professional demeanor offering advice and suggestions with every visit.

She has used devices like Bio Set and Asyra to get a “picture” of what’s going on inside the body and time and time it has been accurate with my symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Gabrielle and Integrated Healing Medicine and Wellness Center to anyone who is suffering with allergies, sensitivities or even a chronic illness. You won’t be disappointed…you’ll be in GREAT hands!!! 

Gabrille is amazing.  She has helped my family for about 8 years.  She has so many different angles to assist us with that no western doctors would even think of it continues to amaze me.  Here are some of the things she’s helped us with over
the years:

Allergies:  using Bio-Set and other acupressure-like techniques she has helped clear my system of all sorts of allergies and sensitivities.  I had taken allergy shots and medicine for about 20 years from western doctors and never got any better, just masked symptoms and most times not very well.  After being treated I am able to have a cat, hike outdoors and enjoy the environment without sneezing and sniffling or worst.  It’s AMAZING!  My extended family was shocked when we adopted a cat since they knew how long I had suffered.

Another great example is my teenage son who was VERY sensitive to poison oak can now be outdoors without coming down with severe rashes.  We even had his friend get treated and his friend’s reactions to poison oak are tremendously reduced.  It’s hard to impress a teen sometimes but this was it!

Metal Detox: Another son had heavy metal issues and with her guidance and knowing how to test for it and get rid of it he is now rid of heavy metals.

Acupuncture:  I’ve had issues with an SI nerve in my right hip that I’d had MRI’d and x-rayed and was told to just live with.  After being treated by Gabrielle I can’t tell you what a huge improvement I’ve had.  I now know when it starts to act up that my inflammation is getting out of control and she helps guide it away.  I have been to 3 other acupuncturists over the years and she is by far the best.  She is accurate about locating my pains and going after them.  She really takes time to know what’s going on which I find to be rare.

Nutrition:  In addition to dealing with the above issues she’s been a huge resource in getting me to align my family’s diet to cut down on wheat and sugars that are so rampant in our society.  She has been helpful in getting the correct supplements for different issues that have come up as well from weak adrenals to sinus and lung issues when we’re recovering from colds or flu. Read Mary E.‘s review of Integrated Healing Medicine & Wellness Center on Yelp

I went to Dr. Gabrielle when I was having severe allergies. I had been having extremely bad allergies to many common things, such as pollen. Within a few treatments, I was cure and back to enjoying outdoor sports. The techniques used by Dr. Gabrielle had a huge impact on the quality of my life, and I do not hesitate to ask her about any of my health related problems since then. Thanks a lot Dr. Gabrielle! Read Archit M.‘s review of Integrated Healing Medicine & Wellness Center on Yelp

I am liberated!!! Specifically my right butt cheek. I’ve had a knot that often creates pain, sometimes with each step, and always hinders my movement in things like capoeira and yoga. I’ve had this ball of tension for about a year and a half. I’ve seen many practitioners and would sometimes get temporary relief after a session, but nothing lasting.

Dr. LeCompte changed my life!!!! It is unbelievable how liberated I feel now that the pain and tightness are gone. After feeling it constantly for so long, I had accepted my fate that it was just going to be with me and I needed to stretch when it hurt, and accept modified movements. In just one session, my life is different. Dr. LeCompte used a few techniques in our session together. I also had a few side-issue questions that weren’t my main reason for visit that she shared insight into. She is truly both an extremely knowledgeable doctor and gifted healer. – Anonymous

I’ve been going to Dr. LeCompte for nearly 8 years. She’s remarkable! I’ve had fistulizing Crohn’s disease for 33 years. Multiple surgeries is just the beginning. Since going to Dr. LeCompte, I was able to heal my gut completely and have been disease free for several years. She gave me my life back! Being in the medical field myself, I can attest that you will not find a more professional, knowledgable and compassionate Doctor anywhere. She’s a true healer. She has a brilliant mind and takes personal interest in insuring her patients are living the quality life they deserve. Thank you Dr. LeCompte for everything you do! – Anonymous

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