ABLE Pathway Program Bioenergetics Traditional Chinese Medicine Functional Medicine

ABLE Pathway Program

Association for Balancing Life Energy (ABLE) is to support conscious evolution by sending prayers and positive intent to individuals, collectives, and the planet.


Bioresonace therapy works by aligning our bodies to an optimal natural state, in which any imbalances stored–chronically or otherwise that may have occurred during our lifetimes are successfully reset so that we may enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Rooted in ancient Taoist philosophy, Chinese Medicine views a person as one whole energy system. The practice holds the belief that body and mind are an inclusive closed-loop system: one entire holistic ecosystem with each piece influencing and balancing the other.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine personally tailors healing systems on an individual basis. Based in Western physiology, this alternative health modality does not seek to completely rid the body of all disease, but rather promotes holistic health at the specific individual level in order to reach an optimal level of vitality.

Integrated Healing Medicine