Alternative Medicine + Advanced Technology for Healing

Utilizing a suite of combined Alternative and Western medicine along with state of the art advanced technology; our unique fusion approach rebalances and reprograms immune system response, allowing patients to reach their optimal natural state.
On the Path to Integrated Healing 

At Integrated Healing Medicine and Wellness we seek to provide the highest caliber alternative healthcare. We tailor integrative programs essential in resetting your bodies’ state to a normal, natural, and healthy physiology.

We use a threefold approach at Integrated Healing Medicine

First we work with system imbalances (physical or emotional). As we age during our lifetimes, the body sometimes forgets what a normal healthy state feels like. By identifying and assessing key issues our patients face in day to day activities which hinder optimal lifestyle enjoyment we can re-balance and reprogram the immune system. Minimizing immune response change (physical/emotional) on a long term scale allows the body to naturally reset to a normal and neutral physiology.

Second we focus on the maintenance of optimal healthy state.

Third we utilize a unique fusion approach of Western and Alternative medicine. In addition to the Eastern and Western fusion approach we use state of the art advanced technology and bio-energetic devices that have a longstanding history for healthcare in Europe and internationally.

Here at Integrated Healing Medicine and Wellness Center we strive create the healthiest lifestyles possible for a patients physical and emotional well-being through the modalities of:

  • Acupuncture
  • Bio-energetics
  • Functional Medicine
  • Vadiance Water
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis

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